Two minutes is up and you see two pink lines! Yay!! But now what? Tell your partner. CHECK. Call your Mom. CHECK. Log into Pinterest and search " Pregnant". CHECK. Once the shock and excitement settle now you have to figure out this pregnancy thing. So much to plan and so little time. Things like...

  • Choosing a provider
  • Birth Location
  • Childbirth Education
  • Feeding Options
  • Maternity Shopping
  • Baby Gear
  • The Nursery
  • Pain Management
  • Preparing for Baby
  • Birth Plan Writing
  • Postpartum Planning

And this list just keeps on going! You don't need to tackle it all alone. Your Doula will help you sift through the mountains of information and options. She will then support you and your choices entirely. We are here to make this miraculous time EVEN BETTER!

The Process

Once you have signed the contract your Doulas are on-call for you 24/7! You and your partner get unlimited professional assistance via phone, text or email. Two face to face prenatal appointments are scheduled with your team to go over any concerns, questions and preparation. On your big day one of your fantastic Doulas arrives when you need her and stays the entire time! That's right, you receive exceptional and personalized care every moment of your birth. We are here to serve you! After your baby is born your Doula stays until you are settled in. 

The Cost