our placement service

We work with a lot of families and many of them need some form of childcare. Whether for working full time, part time or even just a date night sitter! We added this service to bring peace of mind and ease to the process of finding a nanny for your family! 

Full or Part Time Nanny

Find a Nanny In Oakland County Michigan

Step 1

To start your Nanny search fill out our family application. We will contact you and do a full intake to get the information we need to best place a Nanny for your family. 

Nanny In Macomb County Michigan

Step 2

We do all the work from here on! We help you create a job description and start looking for a nanny that meets your critiera. We then screen and interview each applicant. 

Hire a Nanny or Doula in Metro Detroit

Step 3

After we find the Nannies that match your search and have passed all screening we send you their profiles for review. We assist in scheduling interviews and then you hire the Nanny you love! We continue the search until you are happy! 


Registration Fee $400

To begin your nanny search we require a signed contract and paid Registration fee. Once this is fulfilled we start the process of finding and screening nannies for you. This fee also includes any babysitting searches you may need in addition to nanny care. 

Placement Fee $400

Once you have found and hired the perfect nanny there is a $400 placement fee due prior to the nanny starting their first shift. Included in this fee is a free nanny replacement should you need one. That means we start the process all over again for you! The replacement option is good for 12 months after contract signing. 

How Long Does It Take To Find A Nanny?

2 to 8 weeks is the average time it takes to find and place a nanny for your family. There are many factors to consider like amount of days/hours offered, location and experience required of the nanny. Everything needs to line up well for both parties so this can take some time. We do our best to place wonderful caregivers as quickly as possible! We interview candidates every week!