Dreaming of an easier postpartum experience?

Your dreams may come true with Placenta Encapsulation with Metro Detroit Nannies & Doulas!


  • We only use trained Placenta Encapsulators who carry current Blood Borne Pathogens Certification
  • We NEVER risk transporting your placenta but do help you get it home with our Transportation kit
  • We ONLY encapsulate a placenta in the clients home
  • Our Placenta Encapsualtors are background checked 
  • We offer additional postpartum support while in your home and phone/email support

Reported Benefits

  • Increased milk supply
  • More energy 
  • Less baby blues
  • Balanced hormones
  • Less postpartum bleeding
  • Faster healing
  • Better overall mood 


How It Works


First step is to book your due date. You can book and complete your intake online (link below), call or email us! After booking we send you your contract and invoice (if not paid online)

Received Your Transportation Kit

We mail you a Transportation Kit and cooler to keep your placenta safe and get it home easy. Pop it in your hospital bag and you're good to go! Included in your kit..

  • Cooler
  • Label sticker for outside of the cooler 
  • 3 zip-lock bags
  • 2 sets of gloves
  • Clorox wipes
  • Paper towels 
  • Instruction card and contact information 

Call Us After Baby Is Here 

You are given the encapsulators contact information prior. Once baby is here you or someone else can call to notify the encapsulator of your discharge day. You will schedule a time for them to meet you at your home. 

Day One

On day one your encapsulator arrives to start the process. She will need access to your sink and counter space. She will steam the placenta and prep it for dehydration overnight. She cleans the kitchen spotless and leaves the dehydrator on your counter for processing. If you have any postpartum or newborn care questions, just ask! That's what she is there for! 

Day Two

On day two your encapsulator returns once more to grind your placenta, place it into capsules and clean the kitchen again. You will be left with a beautiful jar of capsules, instructions for suggested use and she can help you again with any questions or concerns. Each day takes about two hours start to finish. We are always available for you so call or email anytime! 

The Cost


Placenta Encapsulation

Our in-home placenta encapsulation service includes a transportation kit, cooler, processing and postpartum support! 

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