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What is a working interview? 

A working interview is much a like a trail period or shift. Usually only one or two shifts where to potential new nanny comes into the home to better understand the family dynamic and their needs. The family will get a better idea of who the nanny is and if she will be a good fit for them.


What are the benefits of a working interview for the family? 

  • See the nanny "in action" prior to leaving children alone. 
  • Gauge the nanny's temperament and how well she works with the children. 
  • Observe how well she can complete other job duties. 
  • Get a better understanding of her skill set. 
  • Ability to see if there are any red flags they missed during the first interview and see how they feel watching their children with her. 
  • She how well the child(ren) respond to the nanny. 

What are the benefits of a working interview for a Nanny?

  • Get to know the family dynamics better. 
  • Understand the job duties more clearly. 
  • Learn house rules and the family's routine. 
  • Better understanding of expectations. 
  • Observe children and parents personality to make sure it will be a good fit. 

Are working interviews paid? 

Yes, nanny's should be paid an agreed upon flat rate or the hourly rate the position will be offering. After all, the nanny is working and should be compensated for her time. 

Can a family utilize working interviews for every candidate?

Yes, the family can schedule a working interview with every potential nanny they would like to. 

Are working interviews industry standard? 

Yes, paid working interviews are very common with in the professional nanny industry. They enable the family and nanny to get a good idea if the professional relationship will work better for both parties prior to a work agreement being signed. 

Working interviews are a great tool for finding the most ideal childcare situations for your family or for yourself as a nanny. Background checks, reference checks and interviews are all an important piece to the puzzle but a working interview will give you the big picture! 

Why Use A Nanny Placement Agency? | Metro Detroit Nannies & Doulas


Looking for a Nanny? Use a Nanny Placement Agency! 

What is a Nanny Placement Agency? 

Metro Detroit Nannies & Doulas is a full service Doula and Nanny agency. Our job is finding you the best Nanny or Babysitter for your family! Instead of you sifting through piles of resumes or profiles; we do! We find the Nanny or Babysitter and fully vet them before you even see their profile. That means no wasting time on Nannies with inadequate training/experience or running countless background checks. We only send you the cream of the crop! From there your interview and decide what Nanny to hire. Its super simple and takes all the not-so-fun leg work off your already full plate. 

How we vet our Nanny Applicants 

  • Full Background Checks
  • Training and Education verification 
  • Reference Checks 
  • Driving Record Check 
  • Verify all certificates are current such as CPR/ First Aid. 
  • Personally interviewing 

Why use a Nanny Placement Agency? 


We all run low on time and kids make your calendar even more full. We take on this huge responsibility so you can focus on other things and feel confident Metro Detroit Nannies & Doulas is working hard for you. 

Nanny Guarantee.

With a job a personal as childcare it isn't always easy to find a long term Nanny that meets the full needs your family has. Things happen. When you use our placement service you have a Nanny Guarantee! With every Nanny Placement we do we offer a FREE nanny replacement the first 12 months if needed! 


With our extensive vetting process you have more peace of mind knowing we have screened your Nanny to the fullest extent! And all this information is provided to you so you have it at your finger tips and know who is in your home caring for your children! 


We do not place a Nanny and forget about your family! We want to be a source of support and community for you! If you need help figuring out a tricky Nanny situation, need help finding a last minute sitter or have questions regarding pregnancy, postpartum or parenting WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. It's what we do! We blog frequently about topics parents want or need to know about and have a private Facebook community where you can seek additional support or just make new friends! You can always call or email us if you need help. 

When To Start Your Nanny Search While Pregnant? | Metro Detroit Nannies & Doulas

Find and Hire a nanny in Oakland County Michigan, Macomb County Michigan

So you have a full or part time job and are expecting a baby! You know you need to find someone perfect to care for your special bundle but at what point in pregnancy should you begin your search? Looking for a Nanny while on maternity leave might not seem ideal! We have a few suggestions to help you on your nanny search as your prepare for baby, maternity leave and then going back to work. 

When should I look for a nanny while pregnant? 

The first trimester MIGHT be a tad early to look for a nanny. With morning sickness and exhaustion it most likely won't even be on your radar. You're more likely to be Googling what size fruit your babe is and buying preggo pops in bulk! 

The second trimester you could be feeling much better and want to start getting your ducks in a row! This could be the right time to start thinking about a few things...

  • What type of childcare do we need? A full-time nanny, part-time or daycare?
  • What kind of nanny do we want? Older with a warm, loving and experienced heart? A young, energetic and kind personality? 
  • What kind of experience is important to us? Years of experience and a degree in childhood education? Some experience but a great connection so it works well she doesn't have a ton experience? Or maybe somewhere in between. 
  • What schedule will we require? Days, nights or weekends? Maybe a mix of it all! 
  • Do we also want to find an occasional sitter for date nights?
  • Do we need a nanny who understand a breastfed baby's needs and how to safely store and handle breastmilk? 
  • Do we need someone willing to clean and meal prep?
  • What's our budget? 
  • Will the Nanny be driving with baby? What is her record and do we need to buy another carseat?
  • How many good references will make us feel secure? 
  • How will we find our nanny?!


The third trimester will be a great time to interview nannies. Finding a nanny to meet all your needs and who does not need to start right away is key! Finding the perfect nanny who is available can take time. Thinking of these things now and connecting with us to start the search can help you stay on track for when you return to work from maternity leave. No matter when you start your search we can help you place the best nanny for your baby and family! 


The Night Nanny And Your Breastfed Baby | Metro Detroit Nannies & Doulas

Hire a Night Nanny in Oakland County Michigan Macomb County

A mother and her breastfed baby have unique needs when it comes to having additional newborn care like a postpartum doula or night nanny. This is even more true for overnight newborn care for a breastfed baby! Your Night Nanny or Postpartum Doula needs to have a special skill set to facilitate those needs and help you and your baby get the most out of having an extra set of hands! Safety and a quality experience is your Night Nanny or Postpartum doulas goal! 

What should your Night Nanny know when caring for a breastfed baby overnight? 

  • Understanding feeding cues from a breastfed baby
  • Knowledge of how often a breastfed baby needs to nurse
  • Best ways to burp baby after feeding (needed for any type of infant feeding) 
  • Understanding breastfeeding for a baby can and often is for comfort 
  • Knowledge of baby's digestion of breastmilk 
  • Willing to accommodate parents wishes not to use a soother or pacifier (nipple confusion) 
  • Willing to help introduce bottle feedings and patience as the baby adjusts
  • Knowledge of proper breastmilk storage, handling and heating. 

What should your Night Nanny know to help you as the breastfeeding mother?

  • Knowledge and training of breastfeeding including latch and positions
  • Milk production and when milk comes in after birth 
  • Tips to help with engorgement 
  • Knowledge of products that help a variety of breastfeeding issues 
  • Knows how to clean and sanitize pump parts


What your Night Nanny can do for you and baby overnight! 

  • Assistance establishing a night time feeding plan 
  • If desired, gently wake mom for feeding 
  • Bring her a drink or snack for feeding (many moms become very thirsty while nursing and need water with each feeding) 
  • Bring her supplies needed like nipple shield or burp rag 
  • Burp and change newborn after feeding and get baby back to sleep
  • If desired, give bottle of pumped milk or formula so mom can sleep the entire night
  • Clean any pump parts or bottles 
  • Help store and label any pumped milk during the night
  • If desired, help remind mom of times to pump so you doesn't lose supply or become engorged and sore. 
  • Provide education on products, breastfeeding, hunger cues, sleep routines and normal diaper output for a breastfed baby. 
  • Change diapers
  • Keep nursery tidy and stocked 

If you are a nursing mother or plan to be and still want to have the support overnight from a Night Nanny or Postaprtum Doula we can help! We want to help you succeed in your goals for breastfeeding AND sleep! 

What Does A Birth Doula Do? | Metro Detroit Nannies & Doulas

Birth & Labor Doula in Oakland County | Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

So you may have heard the term "birth doula" or "labor doula" a time or two lately on shows, social media and even the news. You may be expecting or planning to be at some point and wondering what the heck a birth doula actually does! 

What is a Birth/Labor Doula?

A birth doula is a person trained in the art of supporting a birthing woman and her partner while she gives birth. This training and support is not limited to the birthing room and almost always includes prenatal education! 

What does a birth doula learn during training? 

  • The stages of pregnancy
  • Common complaints and how to help
  • The stages of labor 
  • What to expect with each stage and how to support someone through it 
  • Comfort measures both physical and emotional like breathing techniques, using birth balls and counter pressure (to name only a few!)
  • How to support the father 
  • Breastfeeding assistance
  • What to expect immediately postpartum 
  • Learn about common or routine tests and procedures preformed prenatally and during birth 
  • Learn about pain management both medical and non medical 
  • Cesarean birth process, what to expect and how to help 


Student doulas? What's that all about? 

There are NO student doulas! Doulas take an in person training course and learn the above things then go on to continue their education through a certification process BUT they a fully equipped to support a birthing woman prenatally and during birth right after their training course is complete! Good doulas are "naturals" they are helpers that make people feel at ease. Their natural demeanor and training enable them to do their job well. Support and connection are key! 

What will a birth doula do while I'm pregnant? 

This will vary depending on the individuals needs. Usually there are two prenatal appointments that are spent getting to know each other and learning your desired plans for your birth. Then they dive into what you need and want to know, practice techniques, talk things through and get you the information you request. They even help you write birth plans which always seems to be a weight lifted for the parents to be! 

What do they do during the birth? 

They do a lot! Sometimes that looks like quietly holding a hand or grabbing fresh water or a snack. sometimes its HOURS of back to back hip squeezes and sacrum presses. It's can be a loving voice to recenter you or a firm but kind reminder that you got this and YOU ARE DOING IT! They may tidy the room, give hugs, laugh and cry with you, reassure you and remind you of what is going on. She can help you weigh your options if your plans change. She will show you positions that may help and how to use the random size birth balls! She is there for you every moment! 


Do I NEED a birth doula? 

NO! You don't need or have to have a birth doula! You are amazing all on your own but you very well might feel more amazing with one! You can do it without a doula but she could be the icing on the cake or the glue that holds you together. Everyone is different. Every birth is different. Having a birth doula is a wonderful option for many people and can make this once in a lifetime experience even better! 



About the photo!

This photo is of April, our owner and birth doula, supporting a family as they bring their third baby into the world! This client needed lots of counter pressure so April and the husband took turns doing them for her. It was a great team effort! The photo was taken in the hallway of Henry Ford West Bloomfield hospital by the amazingly talented Marla Must of Enchanted Photography by Marla Michelle Must. Check out her site here

What To Know About Preterm Labor | Metro Detroit Nannies & Doulas

Preterm Labor Metro Detroit Nannies & Doulas

During pregnancy one thing that definitely runs through your mind at least once is going into preterm labor. Today we will go over the signs to look for and the steps you should take if you think you are in preterm labor. 


What is preterm labor? 

Preterm labor is when labor begins prior to 37 weeks. Sometimes preterm labor cannot be stop and then it is a preterm birth. 

Signs and symptoms of preterm labor


  • Five or more contractions in one hour.
  • Increased vaginal discharge, mucus or blood.
  • Pain and pressure in your lower abdomen that doesn't subside with rest, stretching and water. 
  • Back pain that is constant or comes and goes in a pattern. Usually worsening as time goes on. 
  • Your water breaks. 

If you experience any of the above symptoms call your doctor right away. They will guide you into your next steps. 

What happens if it is preterm labor?

If you are in fact in preterm labor your provider will discuss a few options with you. Common options are..

  • If your provider does not plan to stop the labor or they cannot they may give you a shot called Antenatal Corticosteroid (ACS) to help develop your baby's lungs and brain. 
  • Tocolytics may be given to slow or stop contractions giving your baby more time to grow or giving the ACS time to work. 
  • Bed rest may be advised either at home or in hospital depending on your situation. There is not concrete evidence that bed rest helps but it may be a good idea to take it easy either way. 
  • Progesterone is a hormone that plays a key role during pregnancy. Progesterone is used for specific situations is ask your doctor if it's right for you. 
  • Cerclage is a stick placed in your cervix to keep it closed. This is used when a woman has a short cervix to help it hold the baby in. 


If you in fact do have your baby early they might have to spend some time in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). This is a specific area in the hospital where babies go and receive around the clock care. Some hospitals do not have a NICU so if you are at risk of preterm labor this is something that you want to make sure your hospital provides. If you go into preterm labor you may be transferred to a hospital with a NICU. Discussing your Doctors protocol and options incase of preterm labor may be a good idea to be prepared! 



Our Nanny Placement Process | Metro Detroit Nannies & Doulas

Find a Nanny in Oakland County Michigan

As Doulas, Moms and Nannies we know how much work finding safe and reliable caregivers for your children can be. We understand how extremely important it is to you to find the best match for your family! Our Nanny Placement process is smooth and easy to take some of the pressure of this part of parenting. Let's get started! 

How to start the Nanny Placement process with Metro Detroit Nannies & doulas? 

You can start by filling out an online application or by calling our office to fill the application out over the phone. This step includes your family information, what you are looking for in a Nanny, and Job description. We can help you find a full time nanny, part time or occasional babysitting services! If you need a Night Nanny click here to learn more or contact our office. 

The next step in finding your Nanny

The next step is all on us! Once we have your application and deposit we start the search for a Nanny that fits what you are looking for! We list your job on our website, interview potential Nannies and complete thorough background screening on each Nanny candidate. Once we find the right nannies we provide you a profile on each applicant. You decide who you would like to interview and we set it up for you according to your schedule! 

Completing your Nanny search! 

Once you have interviewed all possible candidates you let us know which Nanny you would like to hire and that's it! You now have found the perfect Nanny for your family! And if for some reason the first Nanny does not work out we help find you another for free the first 12 months!

Start Your Application Here!  

Doulas Of Michigan Is Now Metro Detroit Nannies and Doulas! | Doulas & Nannies In Metro Detroit

Nannies in Oakland County Michigan

We have some very BIG and EXCITING news to share! Doulas of Michigan will now be Metro Detroit Nannies & Doulas! Don't worry because we still have the same wonderful team of Birth and Postpartum Doulas and Placenta Encapsulation services! 


After almost two years in business as Doulas of Michigan we have discovered additional needs our clients and the community have. We were often asked for ways to find safe and trustworthy nannies as well as Night Nanny services ( also known as Newborn Nanny, Night Nurse or Baby Nurse). We thought long and hard before adding in these additional services and we are so thrilled to now be offering Night Nanny Care and Childcare or Nanny Placement Services! 

We chose to take on offering these services instead of referring out because we wanted to give parents a hub of support. A place truly supporting families through pregnancy and parenthood. Our experience as Doulas, Moms and Nannies helps us see you were you are at and fully understand how important these things are to you and your families future. We care deeply about each family we serve and want to help them find a Nanny that understands how to meet your needs. 


There are a TON of choices when in comes to pregnancy, birth and postpartum. And even MORE with parenthood! Being able to find your Doula or Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and also start the search for your Nanny with the SAME company makes it so much easier! No need to hire and/or research dozens of companies or individual Nannies because we help you do it! Our experience gives us a unique perspective of what moderns moms and dads are looking for! 

We are so excited about this expansion and love that we will get to know and help even more families! 


Pregnant in Metro Detroit Michigan | Doulas of Michigan



Pregnancy although a happy time can cause a lot of anxiety and stress especially if a mother doesn't feel their baby moving or as much as they used to. Setting time aside every day when you know your baby is most active to document their kick counts will give you peace of mind and allow you to keep track of your babies progress.


The American Congress of Obstetrician and Gynecology (ACOG) recommend that you time how long it takes for you to feel 10 kicks, flutters, swishes or rolls. Ideally this should take about 2 hours but often you will feel them before that time is up.


Taking that time to relax and bond with baby and document their movements gives you the potential to help identify problems that can help prevent stillbirth. A woman with a high risk pregnancy will most likely be instructed by her doctor to do this documentation but this has the potential to help all pregnant women.


You can use your phone, computer or a notebook to log your babies movements and this will give you the opportunity to visually see any changes. If you begin to see a big change in the pattern of your babies movements in a 3 to 4 day span that is a reason to call your doctor or midwife.


This is a very simple activity that can easily be done. You can even get siblings involved, have them write for you or place their hand on your belly every time baby moves so that they can feel too. 





There is no denying that there are plenty of things to prepare yourself for to get ready for the birth of your baby. There is the nursery, carseat, clothes, breathing techniques and the possibility of a perineal tear amongst other things. 


What is a perineal tear? The perineum is the area between your vagina and anus and sometimes during a vaginal birth a woman can tear when the baby makes their way out.


Your doctor may suggest getting an episiotomy and this is where they will surgically cut the perineum to enlarge the vaginal area. This is something that you should look into before birth so that you can make the decision that is right for you on wether you want an episiotomy or not.


While tearing is common during birth there are four different degrees of tears that range from small to serious.


The first degree tear involves the tissue around the opening of the vagina and outer part of the vagina but it does not involve any muscles. These are usually small only require a few stitches if any at all and heal rather quickly. 


A second degree tear go deeper and into the muscles which require more time to heal and slightly more discomfort. The stitches that are placed will dissolve on their own.


Third and fourth degree tears are more serious and have the possibility of causing some other issues while healing like anal incontinence. A third degree tear goes through the vaginal tissue the perennial tissue and muscle as well as the anal sphincter which is the muscle surrounding the anus. A fourth degree tear would also go through the tissue under the anal sphincter. These tears can take months to heal and cause a considerable amount of pain. 


There are some things that you can do that have been said to help prevent tearing look out for Perineal Tearing 102 soon! Or you can talk to you doctor, midwife or doula for possible suggestions.




Are you expecting or planning to conceive soon? Then you are in luck! We have teamed up with Birmingham Wellness Center's Krystle Drake CNC and Dr. Chelsea Markus Hauswirth D.C. for a comprehensive pregnancy wellness talk for a natural and healthy pregnancy! Learn about boosting fertility, common pregnancy complaints and the birthing process from professionals who can answer all your questions. 


We will be at Birmingham Wellness Center Wednesday August 30th from 6-7pm. The address is 219 Elm Street, Birmingham, 48009. For questions you can call Birmingham Wellness Center at 248-645-6070 or Doulas of Michigan at 810-728-7060! 


Beginning Breastfeeding | Doulas of Michigan | Birth & Postpartum Doulas | Metro Detroit

Breastfeeding | Birth & Postpartum Doulas In Metro Detroit, MI

Breastfeeding can be super intimidating to a new mom. Hey why wouldn't it be there is a ton of information online, in your local mom groups and from family and friends that you might start to feel overwhelmed. But we are here to help you navigate through the first few weeks of your breastfeeding journey. What to expect, whats normal and how to manage. 



For most women their milk will come in between 3 to 5 days after delivery. In the first few days she will have what is called colostrum which is thick, yellowish in color and contains a ton of antibodies, carbohydrates and proteins that are good for baby. Once her milk comes in her breasts will get larger and may feel warm for the first 24 hours which is normal. It usually takes around 6 weeks to regulate your supply and some woman may experience engorgement which means the breasts are too full of milk or that you are producing more than baby is eating. 



Managing engorgement can be done at home. If you are feeling engorgement between feedings you can always hand express, use cold compresses or even pump for some relief. It is important to remember that it may be more difficult for baby to latch when the breasts are engorged so hand expressing a little before or even massaging from the breast wall to the nipple area may help the milk flow out more easily.



One concern most women have is how do they know if baby is getting enough milk? If baby is gaining weight, having wet and dirty diapers as well as seeming content after a nursing session are all good signs. If you are concerned you can always meet with your doctor and express your questions and concerns.


Breastfeeding is such a special bonding time for mom and baby. Asking questions is a good thing as you will probably have a ton of them at first. If you are unsure of some of the information you are getting you can always ask your Doula and we can help you find a IBCLC if needed. 

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