Newborn Baby in Birmingham, Michigan


Michigan winters can be fickle and brutal! Are you bringing home your newborn this winter? Are you a new parent going through the first winter season with your baby? We have all the information you need to keep your babe safe and warm!


A good rule to follow when dressing a baby during the colder Michigan months is to add a layer. If you are comfortable in jeans, a long sleeve and a sweater put another layer on your baby like an onesie or a sweater. Layers are the best way to get your baby comfortable. At home during the day add an onesie under footed pjs or a onesie under their outfit but make sure to add socks and cover their legs if wearing a dress.


If you are fully dressed with a coat put baby in a snowsuit or layer up on blankets. Add a hat and mittens if their precious little hands are exposed. Frequently check baby’s neck to make sure they are not overheating and sweating!


It’s important to keep baby warm and safe while traveling. Added coats and puffy sweaters are not safe in the car seat as they can compress and make the straps loose. Consider starting the car prior to leaving and wrapping baby up as you head to the car. Bring the coat with you in case of a breakdown or if needed at your destination. Blankets behind or between the baby and the straps is also unsafe. A car seat poncho is super helpful! You also want to be mindful of baby overheating. Cars typically are not cold for long so don’t over dress baby!


Again we need layers! Loose blankets in the crib are not recommend. Add a bodysuit under footed pj’s and top with your favorite sleep sack or swaddle. If you co sleep your baby will be warmer with the added body heat so an extra layer isn’t needed.


We want to keep baby the perfect temp. Not too cold or hot. After adding layers to keep them warm check baby’s feet and tummy. Cool, not cold, feet are perfect and a warm tummy. If your baby’s tummy is cold they need another layer! 

Your doula can help you plan the perfect outfits to keep baby warm and snug!