Obviously winter is cold and we need to dress accordingly but what happens when you are pregnant and get hot easily? Yesterday we talked about dressing your baby for winter, today will give you a few tips for dressing your winter bump! Much like the advice we gave in dressing your winter baby, layers are an easy way to stay comfortable while pregnant during a Metro Detroit winter! Pregnancy is a tricky time for dressing. In addition to your growing belly, you may feel hot more often and have aversions to some fabrics. Itchy skin is no fun!!



We suggest a smooth cotton tank top under a long sleeve tee or soft blouse. Top with a cardigan or knit sweater that you can easily take off if you start burning up. Support tanks from BLANQI give your pregnant belly the love it needs!



Depending on the occasion leggings will probably give you the most comfort! Add some cute boot socks and Hunters and you are good to go! Or if leggings aren’t what you need, try some of our maternity jean suggestions with cotton socks and again some boots or pumps (depending on the snow level!).


Dressing while pregnant can be a challenge but with some tweaking you can find a good balance of chic and comfort!