Pregnancy and postpartum gifts

Holiday Gift Guide for new and expecting Metro Detroit Mom’s


It’s that time of year again! Each year we all look for a unique, special and useful gift to give our friends and family. Our pregnant or new mom friends maybe a bit tricky as their needs and wants are possibly different this holiday season! Here are our top five gift ideas for the special pregnant person in your life!



Pregnancy, birth and new parenthood can leave your body sore and tired. Not to mention the lack of sleep and mental exhaustion. New moms often put their needs aside once baby comes. Give her the gift her body NEEDS. And your pregnant friend will LOVE a prenatal massage. Growing humans is hard work! Trust us, it will be a hit!


Blanqi Maternity Support Leggings or Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Leggings are the perfect wardrobe addition for any mom-to-be or new mom! These comfortable and stylish leggings help her stay looking chic while her body goes through some major changes. The postpartum leggings are amazing for the transition after delivery and beyond!



We feel like a high end, natural candle can never be a bad idea! The calming scent and warm light promotes relaxation and calm. With all the baby prep or new baby here already, moms need all the calm they can get! We love O & Co. natural wax candles! Just be sure to subtly ask beforehand is she is having any scent aversions.


Pregnancy and postpartum bring LOTS of change for skin! Stretching, dryness and itchiness are some of the concerns and complaints many women have. Why not treat her some soothing relief with Clarins Tonic Body Treatment! This all natural oil made from plant extracts tones, firms and improves skin elasticity! She will feel pampered every time she uses it!



In our humble opinion this is by far the absolute best thing you can gift new parents! Postpartum doulas can make their lives so much easier. The postpartum doula will set your friend or family member up for the ultimate postpartum experience. Learn more about this service here or call us and we can set it all up for you. Postpartum gift certificates are the gift that keeps on giving! You will for sure be their new favorite person!