Why Hire a Doula Agency?

Professional doulas practice in many ways. There are doula collectives, doula partnerships (two doulas working together), solo doulas and agencies. Have you wondered what type of doula practice would meet your needs?  Today we will talk about each type!

Doula Collectives

Doula Collectives are a group of doulas who own their own business and pool resources together for events and marketing. Their businesses are not legally associated and there isn’t one “boss”.

Doula partnership

Two doulas who co-own one business and both practice together. They provide each other backup support and run the business together.

Solo doulas

As the name describes, solo doulas work alone. They may or may not have a backup relationship established with another doula. They are their own boss.

Doula Agencies

A doula agency will typically have one or two owners and doulas that work for the agency. The owner takes care of all business expenses and responsibilities and sets all the standards the doulas are to practice by. This allows the doulas to focus on their clients and furthering their education! 

Why Hire a Doula Agency?

Doulas of Michigan is a doula agency. We have one owner and multiple doulas that work with us. We prefer this method as we feel it provides our clients and their families the most professional doula care. High standards are set and expected to be maintained to continue working with the agency. Proper and reliable backup is always available and all of our doulas are expected to stay current on insurance, certification’s and back ground checks. The owner insures these standards are always met! Sharing difficult on call schedules enables them to be their best self and provide rested and competent support to all of our clients! This gives the clients AND doulas the ultimate experience!