Free Printable!

    Pregnancy seems to last FOREVER while you're still pregnant, but then you are slapped in the face with reality.  Once your precious babe is here life flies by! Yes, all the people who told you " don't blink" " It goes by fast" they were right!!! 

Pregnancy can be tough for some. Filled with aches and pains galore. Of course, it's also filled with magic. Pure, beautiful magic. The feelings when you find out you are pregnant can be unforgettable. The first kick, ultrasound, etc. there are so many moments that are gone in a blink of an eye and a lot of parents wish they could remember them all. Nearing the end of my 3rd and last pregnancy I'm feeling the pangs of guilt and regret for not soaking it all in more ( not that you should feel this way, but my sappy side sure has me feeling it!) So, today I decided to make a simple and quick printable to help you remember those moments. Nothing long or intimidating, short and sweet, just like pregnancy!