A very good friend of ours here at DOM, Samantha Mussen, wrote a beautiful entry about becoming a Mother. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Tissue alert on this one!


The birth of your baby. That overwhelming feeling of meeting a piece of your heart that's always been there. The first moment you look into your babies eyes. The gaze that could stop time for eternity.

Suddenly as if time stands still, you realize how complete this one soul can make you in just a moment's time. As if all of the long, tiresome months never happened. The incredible strength you gave to bring this life into the world becomes your story. It's a piece of you. 
Whether you decided in a day you wanted a child and the next month it happened, or if you struggled for years with that ache and finally this miracle did indeed come true.

It is truly a defining moment. You are this babies, and this baby is yours. You think about her whole life, and promise to be the very best you. You wonder if anything you do will be good enough, will it be wrong? Will it be possible to protect her from everything?

You're sore, you're exhausted, yet somehow no matter if it is was a long 18 hour labor or a scheduled cesarean you prepared for, you're adrenaline is pumping. You want to stay awake forever and just look at this little life you somehow created while assisting God in a miracle. 

Moments ago you were someone else. Yet in a minute, you have changed. You are mommy. You are home to this baby. And how much this sweet beloved means to you, you mean that much to them. And as you watched this baby take her first breath, you vow to love her until your last.