You will hear often that doulas go on call the two weeks before and after your due date. Typically they will say the weeks surrounding your EDD ( estimated due date) or between 38-42 weeks pregnant. But what does that mean? What if you go into labor before or after that time period? Will your doula be there? We hope so, of course, but those statements might not bring relaxation and confidence in your team. 

So, are you wondering how we do " on call " ? Doulas of Michigan is on call for you every moment of your pregnancy. That's right, 24/7! Doesn't matter how far along you are! We have systems in place to ensure no matter when you go into labor one of your two doulas will be there! Our doulas share a call schedule and openly communicate who is on call each week. Both doulas are always available for you to speak to during any point of your pregnancy!  It's extremely important to us that you feel secure knowing we will be there for you. Being on call is part of this work and we are happy to accept that responsibilty!