"Life.Is.Crazy...And I Miss You." A text I sent to my best friend this afternoon. The kids were being extra crazy, we had a billion things to do, the baby had a massive poop blow out and the list goes on. I texted her not only because she has been my BFF since 4th grade but because she is in the trenches of Motherhood alongside me. And I miss her. I miss my Husband. I miss ME. 

There are so many blogs about keeping your friends and dating your Husband. I think it's great and I would love to do it more, but honestly, I probably won't. With three kids, a business, homeschooling and a house to run there is so little time. Date nights never happen between work, kids and my Husband's work schedule. I know I need to keep my friends and date my Husband but the thought of trying to add all that into my overworked day kind of stresses me out more. I want to see my friends and be with my Husband alone. I do! But the reality isn't so simple. If you are like me and struggle with this know you are soooo not alone. Don't feel guilty. Send your friend a text or call if you are brave enough with littles running around. Snuggle hubby on the couch at 10pm when you FINALLY got the kids to bed. We are all doing the best we can and sometimes that's just all we have to give. So my dearest and beautiful best friend I think we might miss each other a tad bit longer. See you (more) on the other side of Motherhood! I promise I will be waiting... with wine! 

Do you struggle with making time? Did having a baby change your social life? Leave a comment of support or tips for those who want to prioritize friends and spouse time differently!