I was speaking to a friend of mine recently who was hiring our postpartum doulas to provide support to a good friend of hers. Her friend was having some difficulties and she knew that the best thing she could do to help was to get her the professional support she needed. I told her she was such a good friend for doing that for her. Her response? "I wish I had that after I had my babies" We hear that ALL. THE. TIME. So many new parents wish they had that support.


Baby Showers are a big exciting deal. We spend months planning them. Details like food, games and decorations are lovingly selected by the friends or family members who are hosting. Weeks and months go into that single special day. You pour over all the best baby gear blogs, fill your Target and Pottery Barn registry with everything you could possibly need once baby arrives. Your baby shower comes and goes. Then the magic happens and your baby is in your arms!! You come home and have all your baby gear, clothes, and gadgets. You have everything..... but SUPPORT. If you are lucky you have a mother in law or your mom to help for a few days. You have friends drop off a meal or two and snuggle the baby. But then they leave. Their days go on business as usual. You and your partner have full hearts and hands. You're tired, having a nursing issue or can't remember how to take a rectal temp. You need help. You have all the stuff in the world but right now you need a person. Someone who understands where you're coming from. Someone with an open heart and the energy to get you through. Getting all the baby gear, clothes and diapers is awesome! Those things are needed and necessary! But giving the gift of support is a priceless act that new parents can benefit from for a lifetime! It enables these parents to feel happier and more confident in their abilities. Postpartum doula support helps mothers heal faster and bond with their new baby/babies. It helps new fathers get the sleep they need and allows them to support their partner better. It helps older siblings adjust to the new baby and their new way of life. 



If you're still pregnant, consider planning for postpartum like you plan for birth. Have a plan for meals, sleeping and who does what the first few weeks. Pick your postpartum doula now and plan with her what you want your life after baby to be like. She will be your village. She will be more valuable than all the stuff you receive and then some! Stuff is important but let's not forget about the SUPPORT. If you have already had your baby we can still help! We try hard to facilitate last minute clients and our team approach allows us to do that!



Photo Credit Devin Parrish Photography