Hire a Night Nanny in Oakland County Michigan Macomb County

A mother and her breastfed baby have unique needs when it comes to having additional newborn care like a postpartum doula or night nanny. This is even more true for overnight newborn care for a breastfed baby! Your Night Nanny or Postpartum Doula needs to have a special skill set to facilitate those needs and help you and your baby get the most out of having an extra set of hands! Safety and a quality experience is your Night Nanny or Postpartum doulas goal! 

What should your Night Nanny know when caring for a breastfed baby overnight? 

  • Understanding feeding cues from a breastfed baby
  • Knowledge of how often a breastfed baby needs to nurse
  • Best ways to burp baby after feeding (needed for any type of infant feeding) 
  • Understanding breastfeeding for a baby can and often is for comfort 
  • Knowledge of baby's digestion of breastmilk 
  • Willing to accommodate parents wishes not to use a soother or pacifier (nipple confusion) 
  • Willing to help introduce bottle feedings and patience as the baby adjusts
  • Knowledge of proper breastmilk storage, handling and heating. 

What should your Night Nanny know to help you as the breastfeeding mother?

  • Knowledge and training of breastfeeding including latch and positions
  • Milk production and when milk comes in after birth 
  • Tips to help with engorgement 
  • Knowledge of products that help a variety of breastfeeding issues 
  • Knows how to clean and sanitize pump parts


What your Night Nanny can do for you and baby overnight! 

  • Assistance establishing a night time feeding plan 
  • If desired, gently wake mom for feeding 
  • Bring her a drink or snack for feeding (many moms become very thirsty while nursing and need water with each feeding) 
  • Bring her supplies needed like nipple shield or burp rag 
  • Burp and change newborn after feeding and get baby back to sleep
  • If desired, give bottle of pumped milk or formula so mom can sleep the entire night
  • Clean any pump parts or bottles 
  • Help store and label any pumped milk during the night
  • If desired, help remind mom of times to pump so you doesn't lose supply or become engorged and sore. 
  • Provide education on products, breastfeeding, hunger cues, sleep routines and normal diaper output for a breastfed baby. 
  • Change diapers
  • Keep nursery tidy and stocked 

If you are a nursing mother or plan to be and still want to have the support overnight from a Night Nanny or Postaprtum Doula we can help! We want to help you succeed in your goals for breastfeeding AND sleep!