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Pregnancy although a happy time can cause a lot of anxiety and stress especially if a mother doesn't feel their baby moving or as much as they used to. Setting time aside every day when you know your baby is most active to document their kick counts will give you peace of mind and allow you to keep track of your babies progress.


The American Congress of Obstetrician and Gynecology (ACOG) recommend that you time how long it takes for you to feel 10 kicks, flutters, swishes or rolls. Ideally this should take about 2 hours but often you will feel them before that time is up.


Taking that time to relax and bond with baby and document their movements gives you the potential to help identify problems that can help prevent stillbirth. A woman with a high risk pregnancy will most likely be instructed by her doctor to do this documentation but this has the potential to help all pregnant women.


You can use your phone, computer or a notebook to log your babies movements and this will give you the opportunity to visually see any changes. If you begin to see a big change in the pattern of your babies movements in a 3 to 4 day span that is a reason to call your doctor or midwife.


This is a very simple activity that can easily be done. You can even get siblings involved, have them write for you or place their hand on your belly every time baby moves so that they can feel too.