Find and Hire a nanny in Oakland County Michigan, Macomb County Michigan

So you have a full or part time job and are expecting a baby! You know you need to find someone perfect to care for your special bundle but at what point in pregnancy should you begin your search? Looking for a Nanny while on maternity leave might not seem ideal! We have a few suggestions to help you on your nanny search as your prepare for baby, maternity leave and then going back to work. 

When should I look for a nanny while pregnant? 

The first trimester MIGHT be a tad early to look for a nanny. With morning sickness and exhaustion it most likely won't even be on your radar. You're more likely to be Googling what size fruit your babe is and buying preggo pops in bulk! 

The second trimester you could be feeling much better and want to start getting your ducks in a row! This could be the right time to start thinking about a few things...

  • What type of childcare do we need? A full-time nanny, part-time or daycare?
  • What kind of nanny do we want? Older with a warm, loving and experienced heart? A young, energetic and kind personality? 
  • What kind of experience is important to us? Years of experience and a degree in childhood education? Some experience but a great connection so it works well she doesn't have a ton experience? Or maybe somewhere in between. 
  • What schedule will we require? Days, nights or weekends? Maybe a mix of it all! 
  • Do we also want to find an occasional sitter for date nights?
  • Do we need a nanny who understand a breastfed baby's needs and how to safely store and handle breastmilk? 
  • Do we need someone willing to clean and meal prep?
  • What's our budget? 
  • Will the Nanny be driving with baby? What is her record and do we need to buy another carseat?
  • How many good references will make us feel secure? 
  • How will we find our nanny?!


The third trimester will be a great time to interview nannies. Finding a nanny to meet all your needs and who does not need to start right away is key! Finding the perfect nanny who is available can take time. Thinking of these things now and connecting with us to start the search can help you stay on track for when you return to work from maternity leave. No matter when you start your search we can help you place the best nanny for your baby and family!