Placenta Encapsulation in Metro Detroit- Doulas of Michigan

Why Placenta Encapsulation?


Placenta encapsulation is becoming more and more popular and why wouldn't it be? Celebrities like Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, Jenna Deuran Tatum, Alicia Silverstone, Tia Mowry and Holly Madison have all done placenta encapsulation and reaped a lot of the potential benfits, which can include 


• increased energy 

•less fatigue

•lessen the chance of postpartum depression

•replenish your iron supply

•aide in milk production


Experience the difference with Doulas of Michigan.


As a Postpartum Placenta Specialist we go through an extensive training and always have your safety in mind. We are trained in blood borne pathogens and use universal precautions for your protection and our own. We will also provide you with a transportation kit that is WHO approved for you to take with you to the hospital. 


We encapsulate in the clients home and use the traditional chinese method for encapsulation (this kills any surface bacteria). Doing this in the clients home guarantees that your placenta is in fact yours and gives you the opportunity to be involved in the process if you want (or not). 


In addition to being a Postpartum Placenta Specialist your encapsulator is also trained as a Postpartum Doula. Which means we are available to you in those first few days while you are home with baby and are able to answer any questions or concerns you may have while we are there processing your placenta.


Placenta encapsulation is a great way to jump start a healthy postpartum recovery.