Doulas of Michigan - Metro Detroit Motherhood Support Group

We have written about finding your village before on the blog. It's a concept we still wholeheartedly believe in. Motherhood is an amazing and challenging experience. In a super connected social media world you would think no Mother could possibly feel alone. You would think with millions of Motherhood blogs and how-to guides there is no way a Mother could feel lost. WRONG. I think a lot of those things are great and helpful but sometimes it adds to the background noise of people’s opinions and our own self-doubt. Staring at a screen reading the 20th blog about sleeping through the night isn’t the same as sitting in a cozy room surrounded by REAL Moms as you cry from sleep deprivation or celebrate your first 4 hour stretch straight of sleep in 8 weeks. We love blogs. We write blogs. They are a great way to connect and feel normal. They are a great way to learn and take a look at other Mothers behind the scenes. A good blog is really invaluable. But sometimes you just need a HUG. You need to be out of your home while your toddler safely bounces about while you snack and laugh with FRIENDS. This is what the Dailey Mom Tribe is about. We love you. We love our community and we want to bring it all together. 

Our monthly in person meets will be hosted by the beautiful The Dailey Method in Birmingham. Each month we will have a new focus topic. Our time together will be spent with casual conversation and support. Come in your mom bun and yoga pants or in full makeup and heels. We love you as you are! Check out the Facebook event page for more details or contact us!

Date: April 15th, 2017

Time: 12:30 - 2 

Location: 34665 Woodward Ave, Birmingham, MI 48009