That first week home is somewhere in between amazing and exhausting. OK, maybe it isn't in between but actually a mix of both! You just had a baby AND a hospital stay, neither of which are relaxing. With a newborn to care for and emotions running high it can be hard to sleep not to mention the nurses who come in frequently to check in on you. (We love Nurses and how well they care for their patients. We know their checks are an important piece to the recovery puzzle) Hospital beds aren't known for their extreme comfort and your partner most likely spent the nights on a chair or couch in the hospital room. 

While in the hospital you may have had the support and guidance from your Nurses and Lactation Consultant. They have helped with the first few (or many) latches, the swaddling and even some diaper changes. You had room service for all your meals. You didn't have to clean up the room or bathroom and your supplies were replenished with just a quick call or even without you noticing. 

Fast forward a day or two ( longer depending on your situation) and you are carrying your baby across the threshold of your home for the first time. You have all the bags and extra baby stuff from the hospital, you have balloons,gifts and flowers. You also probably have sore boobs because your milk is starting to come in. Possibly a fussy baby who needs you NOW and a house that was left in a hurry when you knew the baby was on their way. Your first day home and you are already behind on sleep and chores. Plus, you have stepped into a completely new role you have to navigate. All this on top of your body healing from giving birth. 


Our Welcome Home package was designed because we know first had what all this looks like in real life and it can definitely make it harder to sit back and relax as you heal and get to know your knew baby. Just 50 hours of Postpartum support can smooth out all these bumps to make your first week home more amazing then exhausting! 

What does 50 hours of support look like? 

Day and/or night support. 

A clean house and unpacked bags. 


The laundry all done. 

Home cooked meals. 

Continued feeding support and infant care education. 


Someone to care for you and your healing body. 

A person to talk to no matter how late you are up nursing the baby. 


Clean bottles and pump parts. 

Infant care while you sleep or shower. We can help even if you want to be the one feeding the baby. We will bring him/her right to you and then get them back to sleep after. 

Answers to all your questions and a friendly ear to listen to you if you need to relive your birth story or talk through how you are feeling. 

Did we mention SLEEP? Sleep is clearly an important factor when it comes to healing and just overall happiness. We can help everyone sleep well! 

Invest in that first week and start your journey into parenthood supported and cared for. You deserve it!