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What is a working interview? 

A working interview is much a like a trail period or shift. Usually only one or two shifts where to potential new nanny comes into the home to better understand the family dynamic and their needs. The family will get a better idea of who the nanny is and if she will be a good fit for them.


What are the benefits of a working interview for the family? 

  • See the nanny "in action" prior to leaving children alone. 
  • Gauge the nanny's temperament and how well she works with the children. 
  • Observe how well she can complete other job duties. 
  • Get a better understanding of her skill set. 
  • Ability to see if there are any red flags they missed during the first interview and see how they feel watching their children with her. 
  • She how well the child(ren) respond to the nanny. 

What are the benefits of a working interview for a Nanny?

  • Get to know the family dynamics better. 
  • Understand the job duties more clearly. 
  • Learn house rules and the family's routine. 
  • Better understanding of expectations. 
  • Observe children and parents personality to make sure it will be a good fit. 

Are working interviews paid? 

Yes, nanny's should be paid an agreed upon flat rate or the hourly rate the position will be offering. After all, the nanny is working and should be compensated for her time. 

Can a family utilize working interviews for every candidate?

Yes, the family can schedule a working interview with every potential nanny they would like to. 

Are working interviews industry standard? 

Yes, paid working interviews are very common with in the professional nanny industry. They enable the family and nanny to get a good idea if the professional relationship will work better for both parties prior to a work agreement being signed. 

Working interviews are a great tool for finding the most ideal childcare situations for your family or for yourself as a nanny. Background checks, reference checks and interviews are all an important piece to the puzzle but a working interview will give you the big picture!