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" Doulas will fight for you" is something you'll read on facebook , forums and even hear it in your mom's group. It's often what doctors think and why some don't enjoy working with doulas.  "They will fight your doctor not to do XYZ" , " doulas fight against (insert controversial topic here)". You'll often here people call us advocates or say we will save you from your doctor. 


Well, these doulas don't. Our doulas wont jump in between a provider and their patient to " save them" from a procedure. Our doulas wont take a professional stance on the many controversial topics in birth and parenting. This is not how we improve outcomes for women, babies and their families. We improve outcomes by....


While we won't fight on your behalf we certainly will spend time prenatally addressing the concerns you have with birth. The things you want to do and the things you want to avoid. We know hospital policies and make you aware of choices you might see opposition with. We can help you find the OB/GYN or Midwife that fits your needs. We give you the tools and encouragement to fight for yourself if the need arises. We help your partner find their voice so in the trenches of labor they can speak up for you. We help you find your own power. We believe our clients are brilliant people capable of making choices that best suit them. We believe they can be prepared in advance for many issues and if something comes up unexpected we will be right there with you as you and your partner make choices. We are like a boxers trainer. We don't throw the punches but we can prepare you to. We have an immense respect for you AND doctors and feel we can help facilitate that relationship instead of driving a wedge between the two. We don't believe that burning bridges will serve you best. Being in a small room during an intense time when no one likes each other isn't the best birth vibe. We keep our boxing gloves off but support you if you need to put yours on.