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You may have heard it a time or two before, new doulas need experience so they work for free. New doulas can't charge for attending a birth. New doulas need "X" amount of births to be good at what they do. Not as often but often enough same is said of postpartum doulas.  


Experience is good! But experience does not make a GOOD doula. So what does make a good doula if attending 100 plus births and countless hours of postpartum support doesn’t?  


It’s the key ingredient to the awesome doula recipe. Let me tell you that a brand spanking new doula fresh out of training can connect with and attune to your needs just as good and even better than veteran doulas. People who connect well with others do so naturally. It’s who they are.  


When doulas complete quality, modern and comprehensive training they should leave with EVERYTHING they need to instantly provide stellar service. Doula work is hard, valuable work but it’s not rocket science. Not everyone can doula, it’s definitely a special career, but for those who can, they just need a great training and an open heart to be wonderful the very first time! 


Being a good doula includes being a good business person. Respectful, unbiased and professional behavior always! Newer doulas with the right training aren’t going to expect anything from you. They don’t expect you to "go natural" or only breastfeed. They meet you where you're at and give the support you need! New doulas are approaching their work with a different mindset. They aren’t trying to push agendas. 


Here at Doulas of Michigan we have a very clear vision of who we are, what we do and how we do it. We purposely sought out compassionate people who naturally had the qualities a great doula has and who could align with our model of care. We found women who made us feel safe, comfortable and all around happy. We believe being a great doula comes from who that person is, not how many births or postpartum shifts they have attended. We seek out doulas who have trained with ProDoula because we know their training is intense, thorough and modern. We know that after leaving this training they have every tool they need to be an outstanding doula from the start. We have a wide range of experience levels but every doula on our team is equally committed to the women and families we serve!